October 29th, 2012

Snapshots From The Souk.

Just back from Dubai – what an interesting, incredible place (full travel story to come).

From palaces in the desert to snow fields in the mall it was larger than life. The Souks (which is arabic for market) is one of the last remnants of the old Dubai.

The best time to visit is the morning (after 9am) before it gets too hot or in the evening for the lights. I visited the gold and spice souks (they’re close together) which are full of sparkling gems and exotic, gorgeous smells – it’s a fantastic place to just wander around.

Prepare to be hassled by the traders – they will literally throw pashminas on your head in an effort to make you buy – and also be wary of the back rooms (yes, like the scene in SATC2) where they trade in fake designer goods.

I highly, highly recommend the fresh mango and pineapple juice – life changer.

Here’s some snaps…


I flew to Dubai as a guest of Emirates and Tourism Dubai Australia. Thank you for an incredible experience.

  • Stefanie

    Stunning, can’t wait for the travel story. Did you buy a jewellry piece or two :)

  • Barb Fisher

    Amazing pics! Makes me want to hop on a plane. I can almost hear the music and feel the heat. Did you spend a small fortune, and will your home be looking like a Moroccan harem any time soon? :)
    Looking forward to the story!

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