August 30th, 2012

Great Southern Land (Again).

The music nerd inside me could not let this one slide…

Thirty years ago, Iva Davies (Australia’s Bowie) wrote the song ‘Great Southern Land’. 

Icehouse released the song in 1982 with a video that was filmed in a disused sandstone quarry near Sydney. It was later re-shot in 1989 for the North Americas and European market at the Myall Lakes National Park on the mid-north coast of New South Wales. Today Tourism Australia released a tribute to the song via a video which features Katie Noonan, Van She, Eskimo Joe and Cut Copy mixed with regular Australians – an oyster farmer at Barilla Bay in Tasmania to a local choir from the Blue Mountains – all singing this iconic song.

Iva said: “It’s really humbling that so many Australians including artists that I respect, have taken the time to come together to form this amazing clip for Tourism Australia, showcasing the beautiful destinations Australia has to offer the world. As a musician, I’ve travelled this vast country many times and seen some awe-inspiring places but what I’ve learnt is that you never stop discovering the beautiful colours and changing landscapes of Australia.”

I feel the same way about the song – never tire of it, hear a different story every time – it’s a poem, a love story, a great Australian classic.

Turn it up.

The Tribute.

The Original.

Photography: John White

  • Nicola

    Magical. I’ve got goosebumps!

  • PaulaJoye


  • Lalababamama

    Makes me VERY homesick

  • Andrina Lum

    Reliving youth much!! Love it!


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