November 22nd, 2012

Chic Christmas Wreaths.

Christmas decorations are a little predictable aren’t they? Holly. Mistletoe. Tinsel. Santa. Angles. Reindeer. Every year we get a new take on red, white and green. I’m all for tradition – just not on my front door. When it comes to wreaths, I want something a little more contemporary.

I prefer them to look more like art than decoration. You could use these all year round – imagine them in a box frame on your wall.

Here are four of my favourites.

Festive Buys.

CLICK TO BUY: 1. WildRidge Design Burlap & Antique White Scented Wreath from Etsy, US$65; 2. ItzFitz Yarn Wreath Felt Handmade Door Decoration – Strawberry Punch from Etsy, US$45; 3. Anthropologie Foundry Flora Wreath, US$128; 4. Papier D’Amour Taupe Ribbon Wreath, $250.

  • Anna

    Hurrah! So excited this website is now up and running!

  • Serena

    Gorgeous stuff – very exciting to see the new site up and running.
    It’s slick, gorgeous and inspirational – just what I was expecting!!

  • Leni_B

    All so gorgeous – you have great taste (similar to mine!) loving the new site, congrats Paula!!

  • Carla

    Wow, these are stunning!
    Congratulations on the new site … Love it.

  • chrissy

    good luck, im a mamamia reader and loving this site too, fab wreaths :)

  • Crystal

    Love these, they are so gorgeous and chic.

    I don’t have the creativity or the eye to find them, so I just wrap a big bow around my front door so it looks like a gift :)

  • Phoodie

    Papier D’Armour has STUNNING things – especially invitations and children’s bedroom wall papers! ANOTHER amazing place to find beautiful Christmas thangs is Parterre Garden – Queen St, Woollahra in Sydney – they have the CUTEST Chrissy trees in the windows at the mo! :)

  • Jo Dcruz

    I love my Christmas Wreath … Silver Bells from Orson & Blake. It is gorgeous, jingles each time I open the door and makes me smile.
    Merry Christmas!

  • Stefanie

    Gorgeous! Love everything about Christmas :)

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