January 3rd, 2013

Our Favourite Summer Cakes.

We love to bake in the LifeStyled office.

Here’s all our favourite cakes and cupcakes we’ve baked this year – add them to your to-bake list these holidays.

Banana Cake with Nutella Icing.

From one of my favourite food blogs – the awesome Toasty Biscuit - comes this Friday baking treat. Children, husbands, friends and foes alike will love this crazy slice. It’s the hazelnut and banana combo that makes it so moreish.

It’s a snitch to make – let me know how you go.


Jam Donut Cupcakes.

I’ve been dying to try this recipe out. Jam Donut Cupcakes. Doesn’t that sound dreamy? And so much easier than making the real thing.

I found the recipe in the archives of Not Quite Nigella. It immediately went on my must-bake list.

Minimum effort. Maximum wow factor.


Golden Summer Cake.

I’m serious about my baking. Never met a cake I didn’t like or couldn’t cook. One of my guilty pleasures is trawling food blogs. There are so, so many clever, wonderful amateur chefs out there sharing their passion for food.

On rotation in my bookmarks at the moment is The Fox Fix – The Magical BakeShop of Mikaela Fox. I love the way she writes and her recipes are out-of-this-world delicious. This cake is the Queen of Cakes. The name says it all right? Golden. Summer. And look at her little flag detail!

Now this recipe looks hard because it is long and there are three steps but it isn’t at all.

Go for it and prepare to have your world rocked.


Hummingbird Bakery Red Velvet Cupcakes.

In London, my favourite place for a sweet treat is the Hummingbird Bakery (133 Portobello Road Notting Hill, London W11 2DY). Full of American style masterpieces such as Key Lime, Pecan and Pumpkin Pie, they’re most famous for their Red Velvet Cupcakes. And when you taste one, you’ll understand why.

They look red and taste like velvet. Seriously.

Here’s the recipe from their cookbook – it’s easy and fast  - just remember to use muffin cases rather than cupcake cases as these are super-sized little suckers.


Rainbow Cake.

I met one of my favourite food bloggers Lorraine Elliott from Not Quite Nigella in Coonawarra on a food and wine road trip – it couldn’t have been more perfect. I got to eat and she told me what I was eating, why it was special and how I could try and do it at home.

I asked her to share her rainbow cake recipe. I mean just look at it. I’m going to give it a try but maybe one of you will beat me to it.


Easy Apple Cake.

From the genius that is Bakerella comes this super-easy, yummy-yummy dessert. It’s more pudding than cake and so freaking good.

Go light on the topping because it’s sweet.

I served mine with greek yoghurt to help cut through the sugar.


Vanilla Cupcakes.

Vanilla cupcakes are just begging to be decorated. A great holiday activity for the kids.

But every piece of art begins with an amazing base. So here is one of my favourite vanilla cupcake recipes from Joy Of Baking. Easy, delicious…bookmark it.


Summer Shortcake.

Fourth of July was my favourite holiday growing up because of the food and the flags. There was always lots of both.

It’s a bakers delight with key lime pie, cheese cake and shortcake on every menu.

This recipe is from Martha Stewart and it’s the best shortcake you will ever make. And eat. The genius is that the biscuit stays crisp even with the cream and fruit filling.


Country Road Chocolate Cake.

Country Road Kids celebrated ten years with cake! And it’s good.

You need to make this cake immediately. I didn’t do the whole daisy thing (beautiful but too tricky). I just made one cake and covered it in the delicious frosting.

And then I ate it.

Happy Birthday Country Road Kids!


Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake.

This cake is going to ruin you for life – it’s that good.

Kate is a budding food journalist (who sometimes babysits my kids) and she made this cake with the girls last week. She can make anything. The recipe is from cake guru David Herbert’s new book (a must-buy) and has gone straight to my list of all-time greatest cakes.

We made an executive decision to halve the sugar but if I did it again I would probably use 3/4 because this cake is dense and kinda needs it.

You will not be able to eat it all, so cut it in half and gift to someone you love.



  • KillerChic

    These holidays have had me in a baking frenzy. These past few weeks I’ve made your jam donut cupcakes, pavlova & the coconut key lime pie (which was beyond sensational). Now to keep up the baking during the remainder of the year! Thanks for the wonderful recipes & all your inspirational blog. It helped me be a better me in 2012 xxx

  • PaulaJoye

    That’s awesome KillerChic (great handle too!). Baking is therapy – just do it once a week and before you know it – will become a gorgeous habit/passion.
    Thanks for your kind words. Love and happiness for 2013.

  • Sheppy

    PJ can you please publish a cookbook??!!! x x


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