December 9th, 2011

My House.

This is my home – the inside parts. I thought I would show you it now because over the holidays I’m going to start redecorating. This look is a couple of years old and I’m a bit bored. I like to do new things. So… new sofas, new tables and possibly paint.

I really love this house – it’s been a labour of fun and frustrations. I did it myself and putting it together has been a real pastiche of my collections and inspirations. Here’s a little peak into my world.

Photos from the lovely: House & Garden


  • Anika Bawa

    You missed Zoe Saldana. She was wearing a singlet…. A SINGLET to the red carpet. I. die.

  • Tabitha

    It was a red carpet car crash. I have never seen such poor fashion-form at an awards show before. My only exception to your list is Tilda Swinton – I quite liked her chic gown and red lips :)  

  • Sally

    I agree with you on almost all of these, but I kinda don’t mind Gretchen Mol’s look. I mean, the dress is kind of weird but she’s so stunning, I think she almost pulls it off. 

  • Lara

    Paula, this is one of the best and funniest posts you’ve ever written – the commentary at the bottom of the pics has me in tears because for the first time ever, someone is being brutally honest! LOVE IT! Still laughing at “this is the most boring dress in the history of boring dresses”

  • Anh

    But years ago, Sharon Stone wore a Gap t-shirt to the Oscars and she looked stunning in that. The shirt sold out in days (these days, it would be hours).

  • Anh

    - I thought Lea Michelle looked fine. – Emilia Clarke looked avant garde and gorgeous. – Yes, Gretchen Mol could have worn better but with that face and body, she could spawn a whole new trend wearing potato sacks. – Busy Phillips. Once again, that face …
    – Jenna Ushkowitz – Side frock cut-outs and a mid-thigh hemline albeit
    overlayed with a flowy, diaphanous, longer skirt is *sooo* not ‘Little
    House on the Prairie.’ – Jessica Chastain – How can a
    colour-blocked, spilling, balconette cleavage with siren hair be
    boring?? If you want boring, look to Jennifer Aniston. Great hair, tan
    and subtle make-up but gee, those boring dresses!! – Yes to: Nancy O’Dell, Kelly Osbourne and Tilda Swinton. But these people are serial offenders of the same crime.

  • clementine

    hahahah! Too funny paula

  • Barbara Fisher

    I actually love Kelly Osbourne’s dress.  Just on someone else.

  • Daniell

    Ashlee Simpson is dating one of the cast members in Boardwalk Empire so that’s probably why she was there.

  • Hannah O’Brien

    Lea Michele has got to stop trying so hard on EVERY red carpet event she goes to.  And put that thigh away! There are multiple photos that show she is pulling it open… ugh.

  • amber

    I’m so glad I was not alone in my thoughts. When I first saw some of the red carpet frocks, I found myself thinking of my high school formal… more than ten years ago. This was BAD.

  • Alison Peake

    Love the honest and funny commentary Paula, everyone has been super nice about the red carpet looks this year. Kristen Wig’s dress was stunning, a real case of “take a quick look at yourself in the mirror and remove one piece of jewellery” would have helped her out. 

  • Anonymous

    ‘Mean’ is not my natural place but this red carpet deserved the truth.

  • Tasha from Brunswick

    I love this commentary! More of this on theage! All the girls in the office gather around looking forward to your posts on Wednesdays and Fridays. Can you put more Melbourne stuff in on theage?

  • simmy

    your comments under the pics are gold! agree with every single one… what’s going on in tinseltown?

  • JennaFelicity

    I agree :) x

  • Jane from Adelaide

    Paula, hi.  I realise you did this post last year and not sure if you even read all/old comments, but just wondering if you would mind sharing where the gorgeous beige/taupe throw rug/blanket at the end of your bed is from???  Such a gorgeous bedroom you have.  Your whole house is amazing.

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  • Sarah

    Your house is beautiful. Can you please share where in Sydney you buy your furniture? I especially admire the way you’ve accessorised your house, with side tables, lamps, books, and candles. Gorgeous.


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