May 23rd, 2011

Queen B.

She shut the room down. The roof was on fire. Beyonce really is IT.

Man, Rihanna and Britney must be very happy they sang first because Beyonce’s performance of her new song ‘Girls Who Run The World” at today’s Billboard Awards was indescribably good.

Never seen anything like it.

She’s created a new dance (it’s kind of a hybrid Riverdance thing) – it starts with fantastic animated grpahics and ends with about 200 hundred dancers on stage with her.

It’s awesome, she’s awesome – just watch.



  • Ken

    Mine comes up saying the video has been removed by the user?

  • Anonymous

    They took it down but I have found another one.
    Click away. She’s amazing.

  • Danielle Payten

    Phenomenal! I saw her in concert on her last Oz tour and she was amazing, she gave 110% for the whole concert.

  • Jodyke


  • Natski

    Good Lord. The thigh strength on that woman is UH-MAZING.


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