May 3rd, 2012

What The Editors Wore (Day Four).

Weary feet keep on clomping because Fashion Week keeps on turning. What They Wore. Day Four.

  • Gemma

    it looks like everyone had fashion fatigue on day four!!! such boring outfits.  (I did genuinely like yours Paula and Mim’s) so much black.  And JEANS!!!!! to fashion week?!! come ON! you can wear them alllll next week  x

  • shoegal melbs

    Again, looking fabulous Paula, you and CC continue to lead the way! What is going on with this whole glam tracksuit pant look? Perfect for the school run or a casual weekend outfit, but fashion week, representing a magazine???? Disappointing.

  • Lucy

    i assume Fiona is wearing Bassike top and pants (pronounced Basic).. intern mistake perhaps? 

  • AJ

    Paula’s skirt is the wrong shape. Does nothing for her figure. 

  • Simba

    CC is amazing, her style is breathtaking!


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