November 7th, 2011

What I Wore.

This outfit is so wrong for today’s weather but I had to do TV early this morning, my youngest was up in the night and I had about ten minutes to throw this together. In the dark. On sleep deprivation.

Jacket is from Sass & Bide. I picked it up at last week’s sale. The print is part dalmatian, part Dreamtime and it’s feather-light to wear. A non-crush silk jacket is a must for the warm weather because it keeps you looking pulled together without over-heating.

When shopping for a summer blazer make sure you do the Crush Test before you buy it: literally take the very corner of the garment and scrunch it into a ball in your hands. Does it wrinkle? If yes, then that’s what you’re going to look like when you wear it.

The tea towel look is not pretty.

Layered underneath it are a white Supre Cropped Strappy Singlet, $8 and a pale marle Supre Relaxed Fit Singlet, $12.

The pants are black, jodhpur-style, slouchy things from Lisa Ho. From maybe three winters ago?? They’ve not seen the light of day since then but I really like the masculine line of these pants and the exposed hardware (zips etc). Good to wear with something ultra feminine like the jacket.

My clutch is fluro pink. As fluorescent as pink can get. It’s several seasons old from PeepToe but check out the version they’ve done for this summer in a light, mushroom grey. Heaven.

You can buy it here

On my feet are the original YSL Tribute shoes. But I’m kinda crushing on this new style – the Tribtoo. Love it in Suede & Patent Leather. Yum.

You can buy them here

  • Loz

    Lovely! What colour is on your toes?

  • Acacia

    So glad the Fashion Challenge continues! 

  • Nicolemanks

    So glad the fashion challenge is back – it inspires me to do more with my own clothes

  • Jess from Coco & Archie

    Paula, so happy you are continuing with the Fashion Challenge – love seeing your outfits every day! Keep up the super stylish good work!!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much.
    You guys have been so supportive it’s making me change a whole heap of stuff on the site.
    Back to my original plans.
    Stay tuned.

  • Amy

    Love this outfit, I have the same jacket only it’s in black…I am finding it hard to wear unless it is with denim…I know that sounds odd given it is a black jacket but because it is silk it doesn’t seem to go with my other black stuff and the length makes it look funny over a dress…is it ok to wear 2 different blacks these days? I didn’t think so but maybe I have it all wrong?! Suggestions for this type of thing much appreciated. 
    But I do love the fashion challenge so keep up the great work. I wonder if readers could send in an item they love but find hard to wear and you could provide a few options or something? Thanks Paula. 

  • Kirsty

    Love, love, love that you have continued to keep us posted with your day to day wardrobe!!!

  • Barbara Fisher

    Loving the Fashion Challenge continuing…..   And loving that jacket.  Cursing not living in Sydney for the S&B warehouse sale!

  • Amy

    Beyond glad the challenge is staying! Was dreading it coming to an end. My bank account on the other hand is slightly disappointed, but I couldn’t go past that clutch. 

  • Lucy :)

    Loving the fashion challenge! You have completely inspired me and I have been pulling out tops etc. I have not worn for well over a year! I have been bringing out the old, mixing it with my new and creating outfits I never would have thought to create before! Also you have provided some top items! I have purchased the Sportsgirl Daria pant in both Khaki and black (*gasp* – I really need to stop buying black!) and also the Sambag Juliet flats – winning. You have reminded me that I don’t need to go shopping for newbys – I can simply go shopping within my own wardrobe! You have gotten me out of my rutt. Thanks Paula for the inspiration and the ideas! x!

  • Belinda

    So happy that the fashion challenge is continuing!  I look forward to checking in every day or so to be inspired by your style Paula.  As a stay-at-home Mum of two young girls, I’m being energised by your site to pull together pieces already in my wardrobe for a whole look rather than my regular ‘picking up from school uniform’ – aka jeans and any old top.  You’re my one stop shop for waking up to my own potential!   

  • Karen

    I enjoy Outfit of the Day’s. You have so many gorgeous things Paula.

  • Karen

    I like your Outfit of the Day’s and think you have lots of gorgeous things :)


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