November 17th, 2011

What I Wore (Monday Night).

What do you wear when you meet Rachel Zoe? WTF do you wear?

On Monday night I had the chance to meet RZ  via satellite - she could see me and I could see her. She looked divine in vintage Chanel and Lanvin jewels.

I had full-on fashion fright so I went simple. Ish.

These black pants are from Willow and have changed my life.  Super high-waisted and pavement grazing they’re cut on the bias and have cool little slits in the seams. I am so obsessed with them – flattering, light, chic…just go get a pair.

They come in coral and green as well. Instore now

The singlet is a basic black shoe-string strap from Bonds. I cut it in half so I wouldn’t wreck the line of the pants. Bonds singlets are the best but sometimes they’re too long to tuck in.

This techni-colour dream coat is from Sass & Bide. I saw it on Sarah-Jane at a fashion show in winter and managed to get myself on the waiting list. They didn’t make many and I feel lucky to own one. It’s a special piece (reveresable as well).

Ring party on hands: wedding rings, vintage topaz that I found in BA arkets, green cocktail from Tiffany and an orange enamel from Peep Toe.


  • Guest

    Can you please post a close up of your wedding rings? They look lovely.

  • Charlotte

    Absolutely love the dream coat!!! You look super stylish Paula I’m sure Zoe was impressed!

  • Blah

    Shame on you wearing a white bra under a black singlet! *tsk tsk* LOL! :)

  • Sara

    your hair looks super stylish, very flattering..

  • Anonymous

    It was actually nude which is slightly more excusable. Agree totally.

  • Kylie

    I was thinking the same thing about the wedding rings… would love to see them close up – they look amazingly beautiful
    Kylie x

  • Pippa

    I am a bit obsessed with your What I Wore blogs. LOVE your hair in this one, actually love the whole outfit. And you have just inspired me to go get my nails done . . .

  • Tess Thomson

    I’m officially hooked to your “What I Wore” posts, please keep them coming :)
    Those pants are gorgeous, I’m quite jealous as I just know they’d be miles too long for me, I have such a tough time finding nice pants that don’t look completely different once I get the 4 inches or so taken off the bottom! & the jacket, well, in the words of RZ… I die!

  • Stefanie

    Wow the coat is stunning, really makes the outfit. You look very lovely, this is one of my favorites.


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