March 16th, 2012

What I Wore (LMFF #7).

Time to head home. I’ve had a truly wonderful week in Melbourne and renewed my love for the city – (if you missed my column you can read it here) – but I’m very ready to be home. I miss my children so much I can feel it in my bones. I plan on eating them.

Final days of anything are always melancholy that’s why I brought the neon.

The leather jacket is from White Suede. Soft, versatile, obsessed. Also in tan. You can buy it here.

Fluro orange cape singlet is the perfect rockmelon orange (looks pinker in these shots) it’s also White Suede - buy it here.

The skirt is Miu Miu.

The shoes are Alexander Wang.

Before anybody asked if this post is sponsored by Lavazza - the answer is No… but I did drink a lot of their coffee last week.

  • Stefanie

    Have loved all your outfits Paula, thanks for posting. With this one you have inspired me to add some colour to my black outfits :) Your hair looks great, it’s pinned in a bob? I remember you posted a how to video on this, did you do this yourself?

  • Shannon

    Love these posts Paula – please keep them coming!

  • anna

    I find these posts so inspiring! I love how you mix high and low. Please keep them up!

  • Anonymous

    I did. Two minutes and some hair spray. Hand on my heart.

  • Pia_drum

    Have loved all of your LMFF posts Paula, thanks for sharing!

  • Pia_drum

    Have loved all of your LMFF posts Paula, thanks for sharing!

  • 5ft0

    Love this outfit Paula! A pop of colour in a sea of black. 

  • Mrs.P

    That is the leather jacket I have been looking for my whole life. I love that it’s so simple and clean. Shame I live in Singapore now and have no use for anything but bathers… Looking great – thanks for the LMFF updates. 

  • Melissa

    Have loved these posts Paula. I live in Melbourne and it is easy to get stuck in style rut.  You have inspired me to try out some new combos!

  • Tia

    Those shoes are amazing!!! I can’t stop staring at them. As you can tell, I have a thing for shoes. Good day, all!!!


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