November 27th, 2012

What I Wore (27/11).

Cream on cream on cream. It’s as good as its layered dark cousins – black, grey and chocolate.

The same rules apply: look for different textures – leather, cotton, silk, lace, denim, play with the proportions – when you layer it’s all about clashing lengths and keeping the colours in the same neighbourhood – the darkest shade should be seventy percent of the lightest one.

The cream long tank is Vanessa Bruno, the skirt is Miu Miu and the cotton drill blazer is from the Kardashian Kollection – yes it is. This blazer is sold out already, but you can shop the Kardashian Kollection online at Sears or Dorothy Perkins.

Carrie Bradshaw wore a black bra underneath everything- I love a hint of black against all this nude. This is a favourite style from Victoria’s Secret.

Gold bee pendant is Christian Dior and the long necklace is Chloe’s Solid Perfume Necklace Bianca (limited edition), $75. On counter this week – GREAT Xmas gift. CLICK TO BUY (also available in Myer & David Jones)

CLICK TO BUY: Mansell Sand Chicago Heels from Style Tread, $179.95.

Hot Buys.

CLICK TO BUY: 1. Victoria’s Secret Angel Fantasies Unlined Lace Demi Bra, $58-$62; 2. Eberjey Bluebird Isabella Bralette from Shopbop, $32; 3. Stella McCartney Bonnie Sizzling Lace & Satin Bra from Matches, $115; 4. Aurora Lace Push Up Underwire Bra from Bras N Things, $39.99; 5. Elle Macpherson Intimates Jet Long, Long Ago Contour Bra from Stylebop, $61.

What Really Goes On.

  • Claudia

    Looking great PJ! You look so chic and crisp!
    Great location, you’re in my neck of the woods!
    X Claudia

  • IvyRose

    Love this look – wow the chloe pendant is gorgeous & sold out online :(

  • Marg

    $179 shoes, can’t really say they are practically free.

  • PaulaJoye

    It’s my lingo Marg and I say it with love.
    I know they’re a significant purchase but because I sometimes (often) wear shoes on this site that are very expensive I like to share they love when items are more affordable.
    Does that make sense?

  • Carms

    Love love love the Chloe perfume necklace. Dislike being late to the party and it being sold out online :(

  • Jane Hollier

    This is hands down one of my fave outfits of yours! Cream on cream: it does things to me.

  • Abigail

    Love those shoes, I have purchased quite a few pairs of your “practically free” shoes, please keep sharing the love X

  • Alessandra

    I just bought the shoes for 30% off on Style Tread

  • Margaret Fraser

    Thanks for the reply Paula and explaining. I love your style. And Yes I do almost pass out at the price of your shoes. Lucky Duck!

  • Rebecca

    Love this outfit. I am not 20 (actually 40) and love your black bra look, it works. I also like coloured bra showing at times ( Carrie B style), but am not sure how to do it tastefully. Any rules PJ??

  • PaulaJoye

    I love coloured bras too.
    I think the basic rule with visible underwear is: could I have a conversation with anyone in this outfit? If the answer is NO then you need to show a little less. Just a tiny tinge of colour is all you need.
    Oh and thin straps. Never anything too thick.

  • PaulaJoye

    Promise I will.

  • PaulaJoye

    Me too.

  • PaulaJoye


  • Dearne Sutherland

    Debenhams in the UK has the Chloe pendant if anyone is still after it. Is £40 + £14 shipping:

  • Jane from Adelaide

    Stunning and stylish, as always!


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