June 25th, 2012

What I Wore (25/6).

Black and cream. The End.

It’s the all-time classic colour combination. Whenever I need to feel pulled together I gravitate to these colours. Today I needed pulling.

Coco Chanel – the master of black and cream.

Two rules when wearing it:

1) Doesn’t take a genius to work this out but use the optical illusion of reverse colour blocking. Minimise tummy, large bust, arms with black on the top or slim hips, bottom etc with black on the bottom.

2) Make sure the cream has a white not a yellow base: it’s much more flattering. Cream will make you look fresher and more awake even when you are neither.

My skirt is Miu Miu, shoes are Yves Saint Laurent and my blouse is from Coles. Yes, the supermarket. It was $25. Buy it here

paula joye what i wore

My bag is Chanel.

paula joye what i wore

Last week I posted a video hair tutorial on how to do the two minute up braid – click here if you missed it. Did this one myself this morning in the car on the way to work. They really are THAT easy and a dirty hair friend.

Sunglasses are Ray Ban Wayfarer. Buy them here.

Style Flick.

  • Lc

    I love this. Coles + Chanel. This is my life. 

  • Stefanie

    Love the hair, tried it on the weekend and couldn’t believe how easy it was! Impressed at the blouse, whoever thought we would be buying clothes from Coles :)

  • Natalie

    I have bought a few pieces from Mix, they are cheap and in no way nasty!

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