March 20th, 2012

What I Wore (20/3).

Fashion Police for Mornings today so this is a TV outfit – the top half needs to work hard.

This little black top was practically free. Found it by chance in one of those shops that I don’t know the name of but go into occasionally because of its radomness. Love a peplum – this one is from Sunny Girl. Only $35. Buy it here.

The jeans are from Rich & Skinny.

The enamel bracelet is Hermes. Buy it here.

Yves Saint Laurent on the feet. New season grey just released. You can buy them here


  • Merryn Young

    Paula Joye, I think that you are Australia’s version of Carrie Bradshaw! Average working women would have to sell their souls to afford your wardrobe (doesn’t mean we don’t covet it, but still!)

  • shoelover melbourne

    On the contrary @Merryn Young, I think Paula does a fantastic job of mixing high street with designer labels which is what makes her style so unique and interesting, in addition to attainable. All high street is boring and so is all designer. Generally the key is investing in key pieces and accessories, like her YSL shoes that she seems to get frequent wear from, and her Hermes bracelets which will never go out of fashion and she will probably pass down to her daughters. Well done Paula, you look fantastic as always :)

  • Lila

    Simple but I do love your five engagement rings. 

  • chacha

    Hermes bangles are on my birthday list. I love them all.  Now to pic one!  I think the white one you have is my fave. You look hot as always.

  • Shannon

    Fabulous as always Paula! Those YSL shoes are to die for, they seem to go with everything.

  • Brooke

    PJ, Can I ask, what polish are you wearing? Is it your beloved Shellac? 

  • Lucy

    Hey Paula, what tan do you use? It always looks great in photos, no too orange. Thanks :) x

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Lucy.
    At home it’s Ella Bache Great Tan. Goof-proof and good natural colour.
    Spray is TechnoTan in Chocolate. Work well on me.
    Big believer in trying many until you get the right blend.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Brooke
    It is Shellac. Two coats of Number 2.
    But you would get very similar from OPI Funny Bunny.

  • Stefanie

    You have such beautiful jewellry, I can’t decide which of your Hermes bangles is my favourite and your rings are simply stunning!

  • Amanda

    Hi Paula, You’ve made that top popular, it’s sold out already online.
    Any clues as to the shop with no name you found yours?  Was it in sydney Eastern Suburbs?

  • Phoodietweets

    Just got thenYSL’s!!!! Happy Early Birthday!?!?

  • guest

    hi paula,
    in a few posts ago, you mentioned a dish you love while in melbourne – crown towers wonton soup (with a tempting photo). Where exactly did you get that  to eat?     what place was it ?   thanks heaps

  • Anonymous

    It’s the wonton noodle soup via room service soup at Crown Towers.
    A must.

  • guest

    thanks a million

  • Guest

    Agreed Ella Bache is fantastic! Oh yes I am familiar with TechnoTan but have never had one – Chocolate Fudge 2 hr tan, or ‘classic’ tan in Chocolate Brown or Chocolate Royale?? Wow! TechnoTan have such an extensive range! ha ha xx thanks Paula! You always give such great advice! 

  • Amholt

    Paula are the rich and skinny jeans – WISP – i.e. colour
    Love your blog

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