March 19th, 2012

What I Wore.

Have  been sorting out my wardrobe – in anticipation of a major clean out and restore (post on the way) – and I’ve unearthed some long, lost favourites.

The dress is  a top from Sportsgirl – maybe three years old(?), underneath is a black Supre slip dress – buy it here. I love layering tops over slips – it’s a great way of reinventing all those long tunics from a couple of years ago. Same colour family is key – you want the under layer to be almost inconsequential.

Absolutely in love with this jacket. Can’t take it off.  White Suede - buy it here.

The necklace is from Tiffany.

The bag is a Mulberry Bayswater. Classic shape and colour that’s getting better the more banged up it becomes. This outfit needed some grounding and it also carries all my crap.

You can buy one here

Look, I’ve bought these in three colours now. Affordable, genius on the weekend, enough of a heel for skirts…you need them. Buy them here

  • LKW

    Aww looking forward to the wardrobe clean out post – I need to do same, but need some inspiration first!

  • LKW

    Aww looking forward to the wardrobe clean out post – I need to do same, but need some inspiration first!

  • Phoodietweets

    That jacket need to become mine….identical to a Chloe I decided against (why lord why) a few years back in London…..

    Like all others, lovin’ the WIW posts Paula!

  • Bondgirl_174

    Love, love, loving the boots. I have been looking for something similar, the closest was I think a Tony bianco ones but these look better :-) )

  • Kylie

    Hi Paula. I also love your blog! I never used to be that into fashion and you have really inspired me. Please don’t stop it…especially WIW!

  • anna

    Question – what type of shoes do I wear with a long fitted maxi dress?  I’m pregnant and bought a couple of dresses which hopefully I can layer and wear through winter too. Easy to wear with thongs, but I’m not sure whether I can wear boots or ballet flats with them too?! Help!

  • Jaime

    Thanks for the tip with boots! Precisely what I’ve been searching for. I dragged my (visiting) 75yo father to 3 stores today to get a pair but so worth it. Love the wiw posts, pls keep it up!

  • Amanda

    Oh I love your style! Please may I have your wardrobe castoff’s? :-)


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