January 30th, 2012

The Worst & The Worst Of The SAG Awards.

WTF was going on at the SAG Awards? Ladies you’re going to have to help me understand – did you get dressed in the dark?

Why when there are designers literally throwing frocks at you do car wrecks like this happen?

Did they hit you on the head on their way off the runway and into our arms? I hope so because there needs to be a logical explanation for some of the frocks on last nights red carpet.

Either that or it’s time to sue your entire team – wardrobe, hair make-up and whoever the hell was lighting the press line.

There were a couple of wins – Rose Byrne, Michelle Williams, Ashlee Simpson (but why was she there?) but really, the rest… well here’s a the wash-up of the worst.

  • http://twitter.com/fromBrooke Brooke Alexander

    The food looks delicious and a goblet of Moet! How decadent!!

  • Lai Stefanie

    White roses, Moët in a white goblet drunk in beautiful surrounds, my idea of a perfect party (and great Charity to support). Thanks for posting and great pic of you and Kerrie.


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