January 31st, 2013

The Back To Work Rut.

I blame my friend Caroline. She tweeted me late last week: You may have enjoyed your time off over summer but I have no idea what to wear? Get back to work!

Yes, wasn’t summer lovely. Yes, wont it be fun to get dressed for work again. La la la la la la…

I was smugly secure that 365 days of ‘What I Wore’ posts would tumble out of my wardrobe and onto my body. I was wrong.

I’m convinced Caroline found a jinx option on Twitter because I cannot get dressed. I’ve forgotten how? My mojo is gone. All I am capable of is thongs, a cossie and a baseball cap. Anything more elaborate and I’m screwed.

Yesterday morning at 8.31am I found myself standing knee deep in a jumble of sequins, leather and denim. Naked. I had under two minutes to finish dressing and get the kids back to school. On time.

So I fell back on last years Default Outfit – pants and peplum top – with a thud they could hear on the moon.

Exhibit A and B. Readers of this site have no doubt seen this look before…

We all have Default Outfits – ones that makes us feel good no matter how we’re fairing emotionally, ones that work in any and all situations (flats in school yard and heels at work), ones that don’t neccessarily need ironing.

They are the apple pie of style – familiar, classic and dependable.

Throwing the girls out the door I remembered I also needed a handbag. These two perfectly lovely options waved at me from a chair in the front hall.

My holiday brain picked this one up instead. You can imagine how it looked with the outfit. Not ironic. Ridiculous.

So that’s it. I need to lift my game, fix the curse and clean the clothes off my bedroom floor.

Next week my mission is to create five new Default Outfits. Each with a different silhouette and all adaptable to any situation 2013 throws my way.

What would really inspire and motivate me is if you joined me too. What do you think? Game? Caroline??




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  • Laurie

    I am loving the pants above – they look effortlessly stylish and comfortable = PERFECT! You look fab. Where are the pants from? Laurie x

  • barbara

    am with Laurie – love the pants!!! Where did you buy them – i need a pair!!!

  • PaulaJoye

    They were last year!! I’m afraid they sold out after this post – http://www.lifestyled.com.au/fashion/what-i-wore-magic-pants-edition/ – mainly because they’re magic.

    Hopefully they will re-cut them for winter.

  • PaulaJoye

    All sold out Barbara – sorry.

  • Carmen

    Pretty sure they are Cue!

  • Sarah

    This is perfectly timed for me! In a week I start a new job and I am so sick of just wearing suits and shirts. I was planning to go shopping next week and create a new work capsule wardrobe – now I can log on here first for inspiration!!

    Please be sure to list brands/designers!!

  • Stefanie

    Hi Paula, welcome back and can’t wait for the outfits. I did a huge clean up after Christmas and took 5 bags worth of clothing to the local charity store, I need inspiration as need clothes and ready to shop!! x

  • Cheryl

    Hi Paula, I am loving your ‘What I Wore’ posts. I am living vicariously through your wardrobe as I am a stay at home mum at the moment and miss playing dress ups for work. Would love some posts with a more casual feel that I can easily adapt to my current lifestyle. Can’t wait to see your outfits next week!

  • SJM

    Hi Barbara, you should try your local store/Myer capsule store. I wore mine to a conference last week. The keynote speaker from the US fell in love with them. I promised to try and source a pair. Lo and behold a pair marked down to $65 (RRP $240-ish) at Myer!

  • Karen

    Paula I am yet to purchase a peplum top, am I too late with this fashion or do you think they will be around for awhile? What is the brand you have on in this post? Or do you have any suggestions for a comfortable black one?

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