May 3rd, 2012

A Brand Reborn.

Founded in 1938 Oroton took the leap into RTW this week debuting a S/S 2012 collection.

Famous for its handbags and accessories the brand showed a tight, preppy range of geometric prints, jumpsuits (short and long), sequin dresses and strong swimwear. Hero were the sandals – absolutely fantastic – and the glow mesh trim on the loose blazers – a lovely nod to Oroton’s heritage.

Oroton Spring/Summer 2012.

They invested heavily on getting it right flying in Taylor Tomasi Hill to style the show. It was great start for a brand that are part of Australian fashion history and I looking forward to the development of this new era.

The Creative Director.

Oroton Spring/Summer 2012.

Oroton’s Creative Director, Ana Maria Escobar tells us all about the direction for Oroton.

What inspired you to do showcase Oroton at Fashion Week?
It was an organic thing the brand decided to do. We got to a point where we had all these fabulous things and we just needed to see them on a stage. This is a part of the new campaign and the new way to see our brand. In the past Oroton has concentrated on being the best retailer that we can be. Our stores are great and we do really well as a brand but we hadn’t quite launched into the fashion space.

But we are a fashion brand and we design things from a sketch and everything is done in Australia. I love that about Oroton. Showing at Fashion Week gave us a space to be able to talk about it. I think those 15 seconds on the catwalk will prove invaluable for us.

What can we expect from the collection?
I think the collection is going to be a bit unexpected because I think everyone has this set of mind hat Oroton is just really classic and plain and it’s quite corporate. I think working with Taylor Tomasi Hill has taken the brand to another space. The collection looks fresher, it’s very commercial and honest. It doesn’t matter what age you are; you can mix and match the pieces and play with it. It’s real clothes for real people.

Is there a highlight piece for you from the collection?
There is one shirt that I just love. It has a little bit of mesh on it and its’ just silk and really plain but it really talks about what Oroton is about. It’s not necessarily too classic but it has a little sparkle of the heritage of the brand.


Photographer: Erin O’Sullivan


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