May 8th, 2012

Every Single Outfit At The Met Gala.

This is THE red carpet of the year. It might actually be the only one that matters.

It’s got everyone who’s invited to the Oscars plus supermodels. Anna Wintour pulls the couture puppet strings pairing designer with A-lister and then they all bring it like they’re never going to get the chance to bring it again.

Here is EVERY SINGLE OUTFIT from the MET Ball.

  • Kylie

    Oh wow- isn’t this better than the boring old tosh you see on the Oscars etc red carpet. WOW. I wonder if Gwyneth meant to flash some side boobage?

  • Marlo

    the MET ball is the highlight of my year! love love love it all!!

  • Marlo

    the MET ball is the highlight of my year! love love love it all!!

  • Sasha

    Geez I’m not in love with anything here..intesresting to look at but all a bit of a miss for me. Gwyneth looked terrible and Kirsten Dunst’s suit? I dont get it…

  • Stefanie

    Hi Paula, I love Gwyneth but disappointed to say that I didn’t love her dress, not terrible but just not that keen. Just wondering what you thought?

  • BrookeH

    Where’s Zmiranda? She looked unreal!!

  • PaulaJoye

    You know how much I love the Gwyneth.
    So I shall not say anything negative but maybe take the fact that I’ve said nothing about her at all as a bit of clue…

  • indi

    Kristen Stewart WTF. It’s a ball not a nightclub

  • Pip

    Paula, how does it work, do the stars have much of a say in what they;re dressed in? Gwyneth doesn’t look like she loves her dress and whoever dressed Kirsten Dunst  musn’t like her very much….And what’s the dress code? such a huge difference between Kirsten and say, Karolina or Beyonce! Love looking at these photos!

  • KS

    She doesn’t have much boobage to speak of, so that had to be deliberate! It’s all a bit LEGS! SIDE BOOB! Fantastic body, but do we need to see it all at once?


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