May 8th, 2012

Beyonce, Diane & Miss Havisham.

This is THE red carpet of the year. It might actually be the only one that matters.

It’s got everyone who’s invited to the Oscars plus supermodels. Anna Wintour pulls the couture puppet strings pairing designer with A-lister and then they all bring it like they’re never going to get the chance to bring it again.

Here’s a look at the take away trends from this years MET Gala.

Queen B.

What baby? Just four months after Blue Ivy’s birth Beyonce looks better than before – if that’s even possible?

I love that she wore the most over-the-top Givenchy couture you could ever imagine. The train, the transparent panels, the ombre, the bugle beads, the feathers…it should look wrong but somehow she makes it look absolutely right.

But then Beyonce is The Queen and I think maybe she wanted to remind y’all of that.

Gaga Shoulders.

This trend is a little too Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe for me. Any part man, part goat thing creeps me out.

I must be an island because there was a world of hoofed horn shoulders on this red carpet - Jessica Stam in Christian Dior and  Melania Trump in Mark Bauer.

At least they weren’t prosthetic implants under the skin.

Jessica And Justin.

Look they’re together. Dressed up. In a picture. I’m a little bit obsessed with these two. I like that they’re going the Martin/Paltrow route and are rarely snapped with each other. Oh, but when they are….

Jessica is wearing Prada (Miuccia was hosting with Anna which means head table for these two) and rocking a new blunt fringe. Justin is every reason you need to buy the man in your life a Tom Ford tuxedo.

Just yum.

Shimmer, Shimmer.

We can thank Louis Vuitton for all that glitters – after their last collection, shiny, shiny has become a massive trend. Sequins, beading, treated silk, mesh, crystals – it looks best in molten metallics or shiny, inky black.

Mad about it.

The best on the carpet were hosts Carey Mulligan and Anna Wintour both in Prada. Also cool were Karolina Kurkova in Rachael Zoe and Cameron Diaz in Stella McCartney (although Cameron, the hair!!!). This shiny detailing is seriously flattering for all skin tones –  just like candle light. Hot, sexy, sophisticated…tick, tick, tickedy, tick.

Backless Baby.

 The biggest trend of the night was backless. There weren’t many boobs but lots and lots of backs. The best were from Rihanna in Tom Ford, Candice Swanapoel in Rag & Bone and Renee Zellweger in Pucci.

The key to a low back line is to balance your shoulders and bottom with the point of the plunge. Rule of thumb: the curvier your hips the smaller the tip of the plunge should be.

Miss Havisham Chic

Mary Kate Olsen got it so very right in this simple 20′s inspired black satin gown from her own label The Row.

She then did everything else right too. The perfect vintage drop bead bag (also 20′s), just the right amount of bronzer (we never see her tan), immaculate matte rose lips and cool, bleached-out loose updo.

It was very Mrs Havisham but in the chicest of ways.

Not The Leg Again.

Memo to Anya Rubik: Did you miss the Oscars? What part of the Angelina Leg Gate going viral passed you by?

Yes you have extraordinary pins but this pose does no one – not you or the other most beautiful woman in the world – any favours.

It’s cheap and a little bit try-hard. Neither of which you are. Ok?

The Business.

I don’t need to say anything.

Well not much. Diane Kruger was wearing Prada and Diane Kruger is IT.

The End.


  • SJM

    Is the hem on Jessica’s gown a bit of a rough pin-up job for the Met?! Shame, because she looks beautiful.

  • ash

    Lots of feathers this year … I would say that was a huge trend.

  • Stefanie

    Diane looks lovely, she always looks stylish and timeless in a understated way.

  • Caro

    Paula love your website but it’s Miss Havisham if you’re going to make a literary reference! 

  • PaulaJoye

    Oh I don’t know how that was spelt incorrectly in the heading!
    I can here Dickens turning in his grave and my 3-Unit English teachers red pen on my page.
    I live for Great Expectations.

  • Barbara Fisher

    I have to agree, Jessica’s hem looks all wrong – and hence a little weird at that length.

  • Owly242

    Are you serious about Diane Kruger?  She looks like she belongs on a toilet roll!

  • Leni

    I love Diane Kruger (the colour) but Mary Kate Olsen looks like she stuck her hand in an electrical socket. Hair + make up is awful, and seriously would it hurt to smile?

  • Jewel Divas Style

    I’m so sick of women who feel the need to bare flesh. Beyonce may look great, but she needs to give it a rest. I don’t want to keep seeing what she had for breakfast. She may as well have worn nothing at all. I’m all for wearing clothes to suit your shape just stop baring your shape while you’re at it. BORING!

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