July 4th, 2012

Day 3 Pant Challenge (The Palazzo).

Right, so I’ve established that I only own black pants. Little bit of coloured denim but proper pants not so much – just black. I do remember one moment at the races in 2000 and I wore a white pant suit but lets never speak of it.

Third day of this challenge and I’m struggling. Busting out of wearing all black in this weather, on this challenge – it’s hard.

Today I’ve gone with a high-waisted, fluted palazzo pant from Willow. They aren’t classic palazzo pants that flare from the hip bone (can’t wear them – not many woman can) these are much more flattering because they fall to the ground and taper through the thigh. These pants are one of my favourite all time purchases. I’d love a pair in camel.

Up top I’ve layered printed camisole from Camilla Frank. BUY IT HERE;  Sass & Bide sequin coat and olive green Morrison leather jacket. I like sequins best during the day (see below).

Hot Buys.

CLICK TO BUYVintage crepe long trousers, £283.00 from L’Agence at Matches; Camel Wide Leg Pant, $199 from Jigsaw

Sequin Style Flick.

  • Kylie

    Paula you have really outdone yourself with this Pants Revolution- I love every look- you even made the tracky daks look good!

  • Stefanie

     I once wore a pant suit in a colour that I am too embarrassed to admit to ! Agree with comment below that you made the tracksuit pants look good, I tried but couldn’t pull it off ! Loving how you are incorporating gold, looks great in this dreary weather.

  • Samantha

    Just wondering is it a fad to wear jackets over your shoulders without putting your arms through the sleeves? I have noticed this in a few mags and on tv. Wouldnt this be really annoying?

  • Ck

    Yep agree – the gold is warm and flattering for cold weather!

  • PaulaJoye

    Hi Samantha
    Surprising it isn’t. Sort of like wearing a blanket.
    Not a fad. Old as the hills but creates a nice line when done with the right jacket.
    Give it a go.

  • PaulaJoye

    Aim to please.
    Thanks for the props – need all I can get to finish this one.
    Two more days…

  • Michelle

    Hi Paula, do you own all the clothes you wear or are pieces on loan from designers etc. You always have sooooooo many new pieces. Jealous .

  • missral

    Plus, you don’t have to scrunch up pretty sleeves or hold them down while you try and get your hand through! This is old-school style. Even more amazing with GLOVES!

  • Mimi

    Hi Paula – are these  best worn with flats/midi heels?


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