July 3rd, 2012

Day 2 Pant Challenge (Leather).

Day Two, freezing cold –  the obvious choice was leather.

There are two rules when it comes to leather pants.

1) Buy black and only black.

2) Buy them tight. Tight so you can’t breathe.

I have a pair from Helmut Lang that I love but these are a non-leather version that I found in Sportsgirl last week. CLICK TO BUY

The top is from TopShop. Peplums are very, very flattering but particularly when wearing a tapered leg because they balance out your shoulders and hips.

The jacket is Morrison and feels like the softest blanket you’ve ever felt. This is an ideal cold weather cover -up. Super sharp. CLICK TO BUY

The jewellery is vintage. Love my jaguar – am sure it has magic powers.

Hot Buys.

CLICK TO BUY: 1. Helmut Lang Stretch Leather Pants $983 from ShopBop; 2. Lola Vs Harper Faux Leather Leggings, $90.

  • StyleWrite

    Peplums are the best……especially when going out for dinner. They hide the food baby. xo

  • Stefanie

    You are looking so glamorous Paula, loving these posts and thanks for the inspiration. You have such gorgeous vintage jewellry, would you consider a post on tips/advice on what to look for when vintage shopping for jewellry/bags?

  • Ck

    Yes great idea for the no black challenge!!

  • PaulaJoye

    Sure. Grand idea.
    Shall do.

  • PaulaJoye

    Don’t they.
    Genius for that.

  • Stefanie

     That’s great, thanks Paula! xo

  • Kate

    Have to say, I purchased, well, really invested in some leather pants recently. They are Kirrily Johnston, and I have been managing to work them throughout my wardrobe in many ways, which at $850, I’m pleased about! However, no, they are NOT black! And I believe they are very chic and look their price tag. They were available in black, and ‘putty’ which is the colour I got. The black to me did not seem quite as chic, or have that lovely point of difference. I also believed when I was spending a significant amount, that choosing black was something that cheaper alternatives can be had with, whereas the ‘putty’ is such a beautiful and ‘expensive’ looking colour, that probably couldn’t be copied as well, or cheaper versions done with. Anyway, I was a bit disappointed to read the first of your leather pant rules, to wear black and only black. I consider myself to be really very stylish, I have been a huge follower of fashion for many years, really know my fashion and invest heavily in and champion many Australian designer labels. I take my fashion seriously, and I think that it is quite a strong statement to say buy only black!!  Almost suggesting that to do otherwise one would have committed some fashion faux pas!!! I in fact have been doing something very similar for the past 8 months on my own facebook page, and have been ‘shopping my wardrobe’ and posting daily outfits, and have garnered a huge and favourable response from friends!!

  • PaulaJoye

    Hi Kate
    Thanks for your comments. I would love to see you pictures. 
    These are just my rules/opinion.
    That I follow.
    I stand for freedom of fashion choice. I know the KJ pants you’re referring to and they’re fabulous.
    All your points are valid and welcomed here.
    Viva la difference.

  • Kate

    Thanks for your reply Paula! Would love to share my posts with you, I have been toying with the idea of a blog for some time now, however, not so good at putting myself ‘out there’, so have stayed within the comfort of my own facebook zone and sharing ‘Kates closet tales’ amongst friends… 

  • Nicole

    Love your blog Paula, but have to agree with Kate on the black statement. I’m so over everyone wearing black during the cooler months. Everyone ends up looking the same (ie. boring) ! Unless it’s an LBD, black has definately lost its pizazz for me!

  • Jane

    Wow!  YOU LOOK AWESOME!  Love this outfit.


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