February 7th, 2013

BTW Style Challenge (Day 4).

The Mini. To Work. Yes you can.

But (there’s always a but) there are some basic rules I suggest you follow:

1) Not all mini’s are created equal. Choose the shortest length that is appropriate for you shape and work place. An outfit will never look good unless you feel comfortable.

2) Stick to neutrals. They say safe, conservative and business rather than party, dancing and shots.

3) When you’re showing a lot of leg (bare or opaques) the rest of your outfit needs to cover you up. It’s the compromise that allows a mini to work in the office.

The Mini.

I ran back to black and white this morning. Ran. I liked wearing colour yesterday but the whole look was a long way out of my comfort zone.

When I wear a mini of this length in a business situation I keep the rest of my outfit simple, classic and conservative.

The silk, pussy-bow blouse is from Zara and the long line blazer is Stella McCartney. I prefer long line not cropped jackets with mini’s because it provides extra coverage and creates the illusion of a longer skirt.

The skirt is also Stella McCartney (not part of a suit). It has a super subtle A-line which takes it away from being a tube top worn as a skirt. Be careful of them – they’re very 1988 and the boulevard of love.

Stick to low heels. A covered toe and kitten heel keeps it polished and professional. These patent leather points are Jimmy Choo.

Couple of new beauty toys at play on my face this week. They’re good: Stilla Stay All Day HD Beauty Balm (CLICK TO BUY) – awesome, sheer, glorious, bronzy potion. Maybelline Volume Express One By One Mascara (CLICK TO BUY)- clean, strong black that gives long, fluttery finish.

Shop My Look.

CLICK TO BUY: Iris & Ink Detachable Pussy-Bow Silk Crepe Blouse form The Outnet,  £81.67; Siren Rossi Black Heels from Style Tread, $119.95Vanessa Bruno Athe Jersey-pique Jacket from The Outnet, £250. Now £87.50Topshop Cape Pussybow Blouse in Light Pink, £36.

More Mini Skirts.

CLICK TO BUY: Asos PU Pocket Mini Skirt, $33.29Alexa Peplum Mini Skirt from Boohoo, $30Alice + Olivia Minah Brocade Skirt from Shopbop, $264. Now $184.80Rebecca Taylor Boucle Skirt from Shopbop, $275. Now $192.50.


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  • Corina

    Where is the description and photo of that big mother of a ring you are wearing on your right hand please Paula? I NEED info about accessories ;)

  • Cheryl from BusinessChic

    Gorgeous, love your make up and looking forward to your sharing of your beauty recs!

    It’s a hot day in Melbourne, I usually wear longer 50s styled pencil skirts and dresses. Today’s challenge made me realise that I tend to wear minis in winter when I can wear opaque stockings. Otherwise I’m way uncomfortable going so short in as conservative office as mine!

    Thankfully tomorrow is my freelance Friday off so I can start working out how to wear a mufti. Ummm PJ, what is a mufti!?

  • Stefanie

    You look gorgeous, great legs. Love this outfit and I think I could even try the mini if I wear opaques. Loving this challenge!

  • PaulaJoye

    Hey Cheryl
    Thank you for your nice words and hope you’re surviving the heat.
    I understand about the stocking part and it’s so important to feel comfortable – far more important than any mini skirt will be.
    Mufit is corporate for casual. For men it usually means not suit and tie. For school kids it means no uniform just play clothes. For me it’s borderline fancy dress.
    But the idea is ‘casual office’
    Bring it.

  • PaulaJoye

    So glad you’re enjoying it.
    I love this outfit too – it’s a keeper.

  • PaulaJoye

    It was $8 in Dubai.

  • J

    Paula you are stunning. And so is Caroline Overington by the way. Can you PLEASE do a post about your workout routine. I don’t understand how you can bake like you do and still look like that. I need information. I purchased a bandage dress that I want to wear to my 40th in a month and I need to up my workout to look any good in it. I am trying to cut out the carbs and exercising but not seeing great results. Any advice would be good.

  • Emma

    I KNOW – seriously. Paula I spent 30 minutes poring back through old beauty posts. I’m sure you alluded to some change to your routine. I wish I could find that post again.

    You are absolutely radiant, I swear you are reverse aging. I’m itching to know your secret – clarasonic?, led light?, products? treatment? massage? yoga? meditation? detox? beauty sleep??? But I would never ask a lady to reveal her beauty secrets!

  • PaulaJoye

    And J you are very kind.
    A few readers have been asking for this kind of post so I shall do it. Aim for next week….

    I’m also going to be road-testing a few new types of exercise in the coming months as well – this is the year of new things – which I’m excited.

    But J fundamentally – I know how to dress for my shape. There is plenty of smoke and mirrors going on in the outfits I choose and also a shed load of luminser on my face.

    For me, life without carbs is not a fun life. I would aim to work-out a little longer each session and maybe add another day into your routine in the lead up to your party. Swap cakes for apples. All the stuff you already know.

    You’re going to look fabulous and turning 40 is fantastic. It’s the great decade.

    I’d love to see pictures.

  • J

    Thanks for replying Paula. I promise I will share pictures. Stay tuned. J x

  • Get Real

    That skirt is way too short for the office and it has nothing to do with your legs. You see, women who wear short skirts and no sleeves to work in summer, in my experience, spend all day complaining about how cold they are and then want the air conditioning turned down. That means the men in the office have to sweat all day as we are wearing long trousers and shirts and ties.


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