May 3rd, 2012

Too Cool For The Pool.

Hot. Hot. Hot.

Fast music, fast prints, bright lips, bright smiles. Swimsuits with sizzle and sass from the clever design duo behind We Are Handsome.

The show was just what the doctor ordered. It didn’t pretend to be anything other than it is – cool swimwear. With celebrity fans like Rihanna and Diane Kruger – this is cosies for the fashion conscious. To be worn with or without water.

It left a rather large smile on my face.

We Are Handsome

The Make-up Director.

Make-up by Nicole Thompson.

Inspiration: 40’s pin-up girl mixed with a little of Gwen Stefani in the 90’s.

Look: A colour injection on the lips (orange on top, pink on the bottom) with a structured 1940’s high-arch brow that was kept feathery and light. The skin was very mannequin-esque. Waxy and porcelain.

Insider Tip: To create the perfect neon lip it is all about LAYERING colours!

Hero Products: MAC Chromaline in Pink and Orange.

The Hair Director.

We Are Handsome

Hair by Kieran Street.

Inspiration: Poolside glamour with a touch of the 40’s.

Look: A sleek 40’s minimalist in the front with a crazy dry texture to create contrast against the loose, fluffy and messy curls at the back. There are two really contrasting elements with this hairstyle.

Hero Products: Tresemme Mousse (great for creating volume) and Fresh Start Dry Shampoo (creates the fly-away texture).

Insider tip: In order to achieve these loose curls it’s all about the way you wrap the hair around the tong. Don’t close the barrel of the tong –just wrap it away from the face and in big chunky sections.


Photographer: Ellen Purtill


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