July 7th, 2011

Beauty How-To (Blush & Bronzer).

In this third installment of our Zoe Foster Masterclass the make-up genie talks bronzer and blush.

I learnt so much from this section – the “3″ technique and the “up” effect are life changing.

So is Zoe’s book - Amazing Face. It sold out last week but  you can pick it up here.

And if you missed the first videos – click for Part 1 & Part 2.

CLICK TO BUY: Becca Beach Tint in Grapefruit, $42; Laura Mercier Lip Stain in Peach Glaze,$42; YSL Complexion Enhancer Sunkissed Beige, $75

NOTE: The YSL Liquid Bronzer that Zoe used in the video was a limited edition product that they no longer stock – the above is a close cousin and will give you the same result.

  • Edwina Brook

    Want it all! I’m feeling a renewed sense of interest in beauty so thank you!

  • Lexikate

    Crikey I couldn’t get to Booktopia FAST ENOUGH. Thanks ladies!

  • Prettyfaces

    becca beach tint is amazing stuff! it seems a bit expensive for such a tiny tube but you barely use any!! worthy investment 

  • Guest

    hmm, is it the camera? but it looks very muddy that bronzer

  • Tammi

    This video was amazing.  AMAZING!  AMAZING FACE, no less!
    Love your work, ladies. Xx

  • SJM

    There is actually 2 shades of the Becca Beach Tint – the ‘Grapefruit’ pictured, and also ‘Watermelon’, which I believe is the original hue.  Grapefruit is peachy-toned and Watermelon is a pinker-toned effect that gives that natural looking flush look.
    I have medium skintone and really love Watermelon as it looks super-youthful and leaves NO tell-tale blend lines, even applied inexpertly with fingers!

  • Life.styled.fan

      can you please also post ‘Luxe to less’ options of these?
      ….budget just doesnt stretch to YSL :(

  • Rachael

    The ‘ how to ‘ videos are always my favourite on these kind of blog-sites. Thank you! Also kudos to PJ for putting herself on the line and in front of the camera for our benefit. It’s always so much more helpful to have real people as guinea pigs instead of models.

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