August 23rd, 2012

Bam! Nicole Kidman For V.

Nicole Kidman’s bottom, boobs and alll her bangles from the 80′s.

She looks freaking fabulous in this new shoot by Mario Testino for V Magazine.







  • conde

    she really should wear a longer skirt. or wear some undies..

  • Liz

    I think she looks ridiculous, Mario Testino is a has-been with a very obvious been-there-done-that-view on what is attractive and cutting edge. I think it’s embarrasing that she thinks this is “sexy”

  • Liz

    where’s my comment? Don’t like differing opinions?

  • Kim

    Does anyone else think these shots look a bit desperate?

  • PaulaJoye

    Hi Liz
    Do you mean the comment below?
    Differing opinions welcome here.

  • T

    Wow, what happened to supporting the sisterhood? She’s successful, willing and able to put herself out there and Mario Testino has a solid portfolio that has seen him shoot with and for some of the biggest names in fashion. Photoshopping aside, the hair and makeup are 80s-licious. I feel that this display of ‘sexy’ is far more artistic and appropriate than bony models who are completely unidentifiable and uninspiring. Nobody should expect women to look like this however why can’t we see it as a celebration of how this particular woman views herself, or views sexy?

  • Lee

    Think she looks hot, and who wouldn’t want a little photoshopping if they’re on a mag cover?! It’s not like she’s walking down the street with her bum hanging out – it’s a photoshoot! She can do Chanel, she can do Satine, she can be Virginia, why not sexy cover girl?

  • Liz

    @T no problem with photoshopping – not commenting on “bony models” just saying that Nicole Kidman doesn nothing “by accident” so she thought it was a great idea to lie on arsey fur in lingerie with her fingers placed “just so” my god it’s worse than 50′s shdes of junk… reeks of desperation – the 80′s vibe is great should have been extended/ developed (which Testino can’t do) so overall =shocking. SHE has a better “portfolio” of work than to have to come to this… honestly terrible!

  • Amber

    photo shopped up the wazoo!!

  • Free

    She has a wonderful figure so I don’t understand why they felt the need to photoshop it so heavily. The ugly hair and make-up job doesn’t help.

  • Mel

    I am embarrassed for her.

  • Poppy

    Me too, what’s she trying to prove? Keith a bit more popular?

  • Mel

    Hi guys, not sure if everyone knows this but this is Nicole in character for her new film, where she plays this edgy but desperate character opposite Zac Efron and… Ugh I can’t remember the other guy but he’s very well known. Check out the trailer on YouTube. I think it’s about time she did something brave and edgy again – plus I like it when older women aren’t afraid to play older, but trashy characters, because we know that whilst Nicole isn’t normally like that – there are people like that out there – she’s just been willing to make herself look like that for her film…In front of millions of viewers – gutsy, I say!

  • Teh

    Good on her I say! She has a killer body and it is her job, so all those negativity critics should leave her alone!


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